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Why Chose Little Besties?

Your Child Is in Great Hands

blondhairtoddlerlayingwithmusic instruments.jpg

 Why Little Besties? 

Ch0ose Little Besties because our art play and music education curriculum is based upon the principle that preschoolers learn and develop best through song, hearing stories, playing with instruments and adventures.


Little Besties provides more than just care. Our Little Besties get stimulating experiences that develop social, cognitive, and problem-solving skills. Each of our Little Besties emotional, social, intellectual, creative, and physical growth is as important to us as it is too you. Thats why we pride ourselves in nurturing the whole child and filling our day connecting through art, play and music.

Health & Safety

We closely follow CDC, state and local officials guidelines and we’re proud of the health and safety measures we’ve put in place to protect your child and our staff. From first aid training for emergency situations to sanitation and ensuring a clean and healthy environment for children, we are experienced in ensuring that every child is happy and healthy. 

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